Three Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy
(3D CRT)


3D conformal radiation therapy is a standard form of external beam radiation therapyone of the cornerstones of modern radiation oncology.

Advances in imaging and computer technology allow radiation therapy to be delivered more safely and accurately. Simulation and treatment planningfor radiation treatments used to be done with x-rays and required that the patient stay in place until all the planning was done. Now your doctor can do a computed tomography (CT) scan to find the correct position for treatment and to make marks for accurate daily set-up. Then you can go home and your doctor can spend more time designing your treatment plan. After your "virtual" plan is ready, you return and films are taken to ensure that your treatment will be delivered as planned.

Another advantage of 3D conformal radiation therapy is that it can allow radiation therapy to be delivered more safely. Sophisticated software allows your doctor to more accurately define where radiation therapy can treat and spare more normal tissue, resulting in less side effects.

Currently, Radiation Oncology Associates provides 3D CRT at all of our locations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts:




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